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Injured Men: Trauma, Healing, and the Masculine Self (2009)

  “Before Ira Brenner, no other psychoanalytic investigator explored the severe early trauma leading to dissociative psychopathology as fully as it is described in this book. With lucid clinical illustrations, ‘Injured Men’ is destined to be a textbook for understanding … Continue reading

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Psychic Trauma: Dynamics, Symptoms, and Treatment (2004)

  “This dynamic and passionate book brilliantly draws the reader into the chaotic and dreadfully injured world of those of our patients who have suffered unspeakable traumas and personality fragmentation. Gently and patiently Brenner provides solid benchmarks for the clinician … Continue reading

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Dissociation of Trauma: Theory, Phenomenology and Technique (2001)

  “Ira Brenner brings a rare mixture of intelligence, clinical wisdom, scholarship and awareness of how much remains to be understood to the study ‘fraught with confusion, controversy,and anxiety’ of both dissociation and trauma. These qualities of mind are specifically … Continue reading

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The Last Witness – The Child Survivor of the Holocaust (1996)

  “This splendid account of  ‘The Last Witness: The Child Survivor of the Holocaust’ is as profound as it is moving. Drs. Kestenberg and Brenner astutely describe the psychological development from childhood to old age of youngsters- infants and teenages … Continue reading

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