Lecture – ‘Perspectives on Trauma’ Speaker Series w/ The Ressler Lab @ McLean Hospital – Harvard Medical School & the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program

Ira Brenner, M.D.

Toward An Understanding of D.I.D. – My 40 Year Quest

“Perspectives on Trauma” Speaker Series (Virtual / Zoom)
w/ The Ressler Lab @ McLean Hospital – Harvard Medical School & the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program

February 16, 2022
12:00 p.m. – Lecture
1:00 p.m. – Q&A and career development discussion

About the lecture: When he was a young psychiatrist, Dr. Brenner never imagined that his career would have taken him down the dark path into the world of the dissociative disorders. In this talk, he will describe some of his formative experiences along the way, from the mysterious VIP ‘multiple personality’ patient during his residency to his leadership position on the DDU at the Institute of Pennsylvania, and beyond. He will also highlight some of his insights and contributions which have enabled him to work psychoanalytically with some of the most gifted and troubled people he has ever encountered.”

About the speaker: Dr. Brenner is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College, and Training and Supervising Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. He is Director Emeritus of the Psychotherapy Training Program there. Dr. Brenner chairs the Holocaust Discussion Group and co-chairs the Dissociative Disorders Discussion Group at the American Psychoanalytic Association meetings. He has authored over 100 publications, co-edited three special issues of The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, and has published 6 books: The Last Witness – The Child Survivor of the Holocaust,(with Judith Kestenberg) (1996); Dissociation of Trauma (2001);Psychic Trauma (2004); Injured Men (2009); Dark Matters – Exploring the Realm of Psychic Devastation (2014), and The Handbook of Psychoanalytic Holocaust Studies – International Perspectives (2020). He maintains a practice of adults and children in the greater Philadelphia area.

ABOUT “PERSPECTIVES ON TRAUMA” SPEAKER SERIES: A monthly series focused on the treatment and research of trauma and dissociative disorders presented by the Neurobiology of Fear Laboratory at McLean Hospital – Harvard Medical School, and the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program.

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