Master Speaker Series (IPI) —Trauma: From Childhood Abuse to Tsunamis, War & the Holocaust

Ira Brenner, M.D.

Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma

March 11, 2022
9:00 a.m.

This is the seventh session of the International Psychotherapy Institute 2021-2022 “Master Speaker Videoconference Series” (Virtual / Zoom)

"This year’s master speaker series focuses on trauma, with a spectrum from child abuse to tsunamis, famine, war and the Holocaust."

Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma | Educational Objectives
Participants will describe two pathways of transmission of trauma from one generation to another; Participants will enumerate three ways of treating families with widespread intergenerational trauma to mitigate further transmission.
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Lecture – ‘Perspectives on Trauma’ Speaker Series w/ The Ressler Lab @ McLean Hospital – Harvard Medical School & the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program

Ira Brenner, M.D.

Toward An Understanding of D.I.D. – My 40 Year Quest

“Perspectives on Trauma” Speaker Series (Virtual / Zoom)
w/ The Ressler Lab @ McLean Hospital – Harvard Medical School & the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program

February 16, 2022
12:00 p.m. – Lecture
1:00 p.m. – Q&A and career development discussion

About the lecture: When he was a young psychiatrist, Dr. Brenner never imagined that his career would have taken him down the dark path into the world of the dissociative disorders. In this talk, he will describe some of his formative experiences along the way, from the mysterious VIP ‘multiple personality’ patient during his residency to his leadership position on the DDU at the Institute of Pennsylvania, and beyond. He will also highlight some of his insights and contributions which have enabled him to work psychoanalytically with some of the most gifted and troubled people he has ever encountered.”

About the speaker: Dr. Brenner is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College, and Training and Supervising Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. He is Director Emeritus of the Psychotherapy Training Program there. Dr. Brenner chairs the Holocaust Discussion Group and co-chairs the Dissociative Disorders Discussion Group at the American Psychoanalytic Association meetings. He has authored over 100 publications, co-edited three special issues of The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, and has published 6 books: The Last Witness – The Child Survivor of the Holocaust,(with Judith Kestenberg) (1996); Dissociation of Trauma (2001);Psychic Trauma (2004); Injured Men (2009); Dark Matters – Exploring the Realm of Psychic Devastation (2014), and The Handbook of Psychoanalytic Holocaust Studies – International Perspectives (2020). He maintains a practice of adults and children in the greater Philadelphia area.

ABOUT “PERSPECTIVES ON TRAUMA” SPEAKER SERIES: A monthly series focused on the treatment and research of trauma and dissociative disorders presented by the Neurobiology of Fear Laboratory at McLean Hospital – Harvard Medical School, and the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program.

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Book Release — The Handbook of Psychoanalytic Holocaust Studies, International Perspectives

The Handbook of Psychoanalytic Holocaust Studies, International Perspectives (Routledge, 2020), edited by Ira Brenner, MD is now available via Routledge/Taylor & Francis and Amazon.

The book is a unique compilation of essays about the genocidal persecution fueling the Nazi regime in World War II. Written by world-renowned experts in the field, it confronts a vitally important and exceedingly difficult topic with sensitivity, courage, and wisdom, furthering our understanding of the Holocaust/Shoah psychoanalytically, historically, and through the arts.

Authors from four continents offer their perspectives, clinical experiences, findings, and personal narratives on such subjects as resilience, remembrance, giving testimony, aging, and mourning. There is an emphasis on the intergenerational transmission of trauma of both the victims and the perpetrators, with chapters looking at the question of “evil”, comparative studies, prevention, and the misuse of the Holocaust. Those chapters relating to therapy address the specific issues of the survivors, including the second and third generation, through psychoanalysis as well as other modalities, whilst the section on creativity and the arts looks at film, theater, poetry, opera, and writing.

The aftermath of the Holocaust demanded that psychoanalysis re-examine the importance of psychic trauma; those who first studied this darkest chapter in human history successfully challenged the long-held assumption that psychical reality was essentially the only reality to be considered. As a result, contemporary thought about trauma, dissociation, self psychology, and relational psychology were greatly influenced by these pioneers, whose ideas have evolved since then. This long-awaited text is the definitive update and elaboration of their original contributions.

About the Editor: Ira Brenner, M.D., is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, and Training and Supervising Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. He chairs the Holocaust Discussion Group at the meetings of the American Psychoanalytic Association, and has been widely recognized for his contributions to the field of psychic trauma.

ContentsChapter Abstracts | Reviews

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Recipient: 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

Dr. Brenner was honored with a 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Society for the Study of Trauma. The organization says of this award:

downloadThe Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest recognition given to an individual or individuals who have contributed over a generous span of time to the field of dissociation and/or trauma and the ISSTD.

The awards ceremony was held at the ISSTD‘s 36th Annual Conference, “The World Congress on Complex Trauma and Dissociation” in New York in March 2019.

From the ISSTD awards page:

When it comes to the world of organized psychoanalysis, Ira, who is both a child and adult analyst, and a training and supervision analyst, is the preeminent voice for the sophisticated study of dissociation and trauma. He addresses the major national and international meetings, psychoanalytic and otherwise, and teaches world-wide on a regular basis on the subjects of trauma, dissociation, disaster psychiatry, transgenerational trauma, and psychoanalytic studies on genocide and ethnic and international conflicts.

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Interview: ‘Beyond The Couch’

Dr. Brenner is featured in an episode of the interview series “Beyond The Couch,” with host Madelaine Sayko of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, to discuss the long term effects of child sexual abuse by authority figures, and the care for survivors and their families.

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Podcast: ‘The Experts Speak’

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 4.40.58 AMDr. Brenner was interviewed for an episode of The Experts Speak, a podcast series from The Florida Psychiatric Society, hosted by Abbey Strauss, M.D.

Their discussion is featured in the episode “Transferring Trauma Across Generations.”

Episode description:

Ira Brenner, M.D, speaks about psychological traumas and how the impacts can be transmitted across generations, needed interventions, some diagnostic and biological issues.

Listen to the podcast here.

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IPA 51st Congress London 2019: Presenter, Chair

The International Psychoanalytical Association‘s flagship event will take place July 24-27 at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London. The theme of this year’s Congress is “The Feminine.”

From the IPA:

Psychoanalytic theory and practice both have a part to play in addressing the question of ‘the feminine’. Our goal for this Congress is to focus on issues that affect the everyday life and experiences of both women and men …

New family configurations and sexual and gender diversity have challenged established standards of sexual binarism and have invited new questions about femininity and masculinity …

We have therefore had to revisit many concepts whose relevance for clinical practice is unquestionable …

Within this framework, the IPA takes up the challenge of updating and rethinking classical psychoanalytic views on the feminine and their repercussions in psychoanalysis.

JULY 26, 2019
5:15 p.m – 7:15 p.m.

  • Hayman Award and Hayman Prize

Chair: Nilde Franch, Ira Brenner
Presenters: Nannette Auerhahn, Dany Khouri

July 27, 2019
10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

  • Remembering Dori Laub who taught us how to listen to the Holocaust and terrors in the mind

Dori Laub’s psychoanalytic thinking about mass trauma presents a unique style of eliciting the human being behind the narratives of survival. An international panel honors and remembers him. His work on psychic despair opens paths for psychoanalytic work with all extreme psychic helplessness, including our own. We invite audience participation. We have all been deeply reached by Dori Laub, a child Holocaust survivor, who was dedicated to comprehend what happens in our minds and in our connections with others when the most awful traumas take place. He taught us all how to listen, how to try to stay alive when we are unsure it is possible with our traumatized patients and ourselves. We cannot imagine making contact with the Holocaust and all overwhelming psychic pain without feeling accompanied by Dori Laub; and, we miss him. We will all be brief to give audience members opportunity to participate in remembering Dori Laub and his work.

Chair: Nancy Goodman 
Presenters: Rosemary Balsam, Ilany Kogan, Ira Brenner, Werner Bohleber, Arlene Kramer Richards 

Full Programme here.

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Presenter: Spring CME Meeting

FPS 2018 SpringBroch (1)-2

Spring CME Meeting – “After the Shock…”
Rosen Shingle Creek
Orlando, Florida

Saturday | April 14, 2018
8:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
“Intergenerational Transmission Of Trauma”
Presenter: Ira Brenner, MD: Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Jefferson Medical College and the Psychoanalytic Institute

About the conference:

Both patients and doctors are dealing with the aftermath of various traumas at an individual, family, and societal level. Working towards recovery and enhancing resiliency is paramount. The Florida Psychiatric Society (FPS) Spring CME Meeting “After the Shock… Treating Trauma” is devoted to providing the latest understanding of etiology, multi-modal treatments, and resources for trauma-related disorders. Join us for an expert slate of speakers and a variety of topics related to this theme.

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The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: Presenter


Saturday, February 24, 2018
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Thomas Jefferson University
130 S 9th St,
Philadelphia, PA 19107

“Historical and contemporary studies of trauma demonstrate that complex trauma can be transmitted intergenerationally. In order to provide effective treatment, clinicians need to understand how to recognize the intergenerational transmission of trauma and the mechanisms of transmission.”

Sponsored by The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia (PCOP)

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Recipient: PA Psychiatric Society 2017 Presidential Award

Epson iPrint

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